My Train Experience



Photo Credit-Pixabay

Last week I was on the train and the gentleman sitting next to me stood up to offer a lady his seat. When she sat down,  she kept staring at me. My old self would have felt guilty for not being the first to offer my seat instead, I ignored her and busied myself with what I was doing earlier.

It then dawned on me that most people often feel the same way not necessarily when they don’t offer their seat on a train or a bus but In other situations. It’s common to man to want to gain the favour and appreciation of another ( we all feel like that sometimes.  To feel noticed and appreciated right? ). Anyway; my not offering my seat wasn’t because I was trying to feel a type of way but I thought to myself: ‘I had to be at a certain place by half nine that morning. That means I had to get up really early to get ready for my day. After completing what I had to do, I left to catch the train back home. This means I too I’m exhausted and needed to sit.

On seeing the lady when she got into the train, I assumed she’s got a long day and might be exhausted like me. I could have offered my seat but I too was tired.

So this thinking as I said earlier; most people would offer their seats in order to be recognised as a good person ( mind you others will give up their seats regardless not having any ulterior motive).

This doesn’t mean I don’t give up seats.  Contrary to what you might be thinking I actually do especially if there is an elderly person,  a pregnant woman or someone with special needs.  But the point I’m trying to make here is, we often do things in other to get recognition. I’ve heard of stories where a man would offer help to someone else at the detriment of his family.

A religious person reading this might say ‘but the holy book says…’ I am not contradicting what the Bible or Quran says but I feel everyone should be wise in their dealings. The holy book never said ‘give your neighbour and starve your family’ .

So friends don’t feel pressured to help someone if it’s beyond your capacity however if you’ve got the means or strength to help someone please; by all means go all the way out. If you are however limited in any way don’t put yourself under immense pressure or worry and concern yourself with what the next person will think about you.

Till next time Smile, Love your God, Love your Neighbour and be a Blessing.