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How I Stay Safe and How You Can Do Same


In this post I would like to educate you on how I stay safe and how you can keep yourself safe and share tips to look out for so you don’t get caught up with the wrong guys.

I used to be a victim of hackers ( I say ‘used to’ because at the time, I didn’t know what I know now). One time, they hacked into my yahoo account and sent silly messages pretending to be me and they also sent links to my contacts to click and view (I am aware some of you if not all have experience this as well). These links can sometimes be embarrassing as they contain ‘not so good images’.  Not only did they hack into my yahoo account, they also hacked into my Skype account to send links and my Facebook account to write a post. Luckily for me, I realized quickly and took necessary steps to prevent this from repeating itself.

There is a probability you are aware of what to do to remain safe online and there are obviously several ways of being safe but I would be sharing a few which I feel are not often mentioned when the issue of online security is brought up.

Number one tip  for me, was to learn to avoid remembering my password or username on my personal computers or laptop when it pops up, especially when it is unattended. (I know it saves a lot of time when it comes to remembering passwords, nonetheless hackers might track down information when a person remain signed in). Presently, I make an effort not to remember my password and username on my laptop.  It is strongly advisable you do not tick the option to prevent your credentials from being stored on the computer too.

Secondly, I cultivate the habit of logging out of sites that involve my signing in at all time. Also, I avoid signing in to unknown wifi spot when out or leaving my Bluetooth on when it is not in use. This is because, I don’t want to leave anything to chance. Most importantly, I am cautious of what sites I visit. I try avoiding sites without https:// as can be seen below


If the page is not secure/ or safe, I could always try finding the site by typing the https// before the URL in the location bar that way my information won’t be stolen by eavesdroppers and attackers. For instance, when trying to visit a website called ‘Stay Safe Online’, (for the purpose of this post I have used a dummy web page) rather than being tempted to put ‘staysafeonline’ in the URL, I make an effort by inserting ‘https:// staysafeonline’. Try and put this in practice – it would help a lot.

Additionally, something I find annoying which is another means by which hackers tend to strike is by sending out malicious web link while pretending to be an authentic site. This is known as ‘Phishing’ this means, the emails they send to a person looks genuine and they request for that person to reset their  password. Unfortunately these emails are dangerous because they look real and when you click on the link it would give the attacker access to your personal information.

Also, I am very careful what link I accept and what I share with others as I do not want to cause others to be victims. Also I am weary when opening attached files or clicking on web link in emails.

Below is an email I got from a fake Amazon team asking me to change my password as it has been reset.  Obviously I didn’t reset my password whatsoever, so I was tempted to click on the link provided and change the password. This is often our first impulse when we receive such emails. Luckily I suspected the link and didn’t sign in. Then I asked a friend of mine who also confirmed the email was fake.

1Lastly, hackers pretend to be authentic by altering URL addresses with the aim of causing confusion and if you fall for it would infect your computer with virus or spyware. For example, what hackers do to deceive people is rather than put ‘’ in the url, the attacker uses ‘’. (As you can see, the difference in both sites is a letter ‘I’). This method of attack is called ‘Spoofing (Masquerade attack)’. As I always suggest, be on guard always when you receive a link from what you believe to be a well-known source.

This brings me to my conclusion. You might be wondering ‘what is the big deal with securing my device?’. One out of many which I believe is what most of us are always concerned about is the issue of ‘Identity Theft’.  This occurs when forms of identity are obtained in ones name and if this happens, the hackers might use your personal details to set up a bank account or obtain credit cards, loans and benefits in your name. So you want to be very mindful of people manipulating your details.

I hope my experience and how I try to stay safe has shed light and help you understand why it is important to keep yourself safe online.

Please feel free to make contributions or suggestions. Let us educate ourselves and reduce the number of people that get hacked.

Till I write to you again, stay safe and educate others to do same.

Journey to Puberty (Female Intended)

sea-2213348_640Starting your menstrual cycle is one of the most exciting stages in a girls’ life. Growing up, I was so excited about starting to experience significant changes like growing hair in my private regions and so on. At this stage, I felt like and anticipated to start my menstruation. You can imagine how I felt when I found out; so thrilled I jumped for joy.

However, I didn’t quite understand why one had to bleed from the vagina, all I knew was “I’m now a woman so should take proper care of myself; bath regularly, be neat at all times and that a man was not supposed to touch me down there, else I’d get pregnant”. So, I grew up with this mentality. Unfortunately, I did not know when to expect my next flow.  Luckily for me, however,  I had warning signs that got me prepared for the month.

Like my younger self, some teenagers might be so excited about seeing changes in their body and starting their period but are not clear on when to expect their next flow.

In this article, I would briefly highlight syndromes to look out for in your body and how to calculate your flow. If you’ve got any concern please speak to an experienced female or visit your general practitioner ( GP) or your health care provider to explain these changes.

Let’s get started: 


Let’s assume the first day I bled was the 20th of January. Prior to that, I had symptoms which often varies. Some of the pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) includes; Backache, Ache in the breast, Migraine, Feeling irritable and moody, or surprisingly swell in the hand.

Often times, these signs do not stay the same each month. The signs you get before your flow needs to be noted.Your body is wired differently so you may feel some of these and not all. As you become familiar with your body, you would understand when next to expect your period.

Furthermore, keeping track of how long you bled and how heavy, normal or light your flow was is necessary as it would help you prepare for the next month.


So let us count my period cycle.

The first day I bled was on the 20th of January and the next time I saw my flow was the 16th of February, this means my menstrual cycle is equaled 27days. In other words, I should expect my next flow on the 15th of March.  Take, for instance, I had my last period on the 17th of February, it means I have a 28days cycle. Therefore, my next period will be on the 16th of March and prior to this day, I would get one or more syndromes as stated above. If you haven’t got some of the syndromes I mentioned earlier, feel free to comment on what sort of syndromes there could be.

Assuming you experience one of those syndromes early, it means you are likely to start your menstruation on time and if you feel the symptoms later, you can predict that your period would start late. Something I forgot to mention, sometimes you might experience a later or early flow, especially during the first couple of years of starting your period; and could possibly miss a period altogether. This is completely normal. However,  those who are sexually active should have a test as a missed period could mean you are pregnant. Furthermore, there is a possibility of your cycle changing as you get older.

Wheesht (long sigh)!! I know this is the longest I have ever written, but I hope this has been a lot helpful. If you already knew how to calculate this, you’ve refreshed your understanding and if you’re new to this you’ve also learned something major. 🙂

My Train Experience



Photo Credit-Pixabay

Last week I was on the train and the gentleman sitting next to me stood up to offer a lady his seat. When she sat down,  she kept staring at me. My old self would have felt guilty for not being the first to offer my seat instead, I ignored her and busied myself with what I was doing earlier.

It then dawned on me that most people often feel the same way not necessarily when they don’t offer their seat on a train or a bus but In other situations. It’s common to man to want to gain the favour and appreciation of another ( we all feel like that sometimes.  To feel noticed and appreciated right? ). Anyway; my not offering my seat wasn’t because I was trying to feel a type of way but I thought to myself: ‘I had to be at a certain place by half nine that morning. That means I had to get up really early to get ready for my day. After completing what I had to do, I left to catch the train back home. This means I too I’m exhausted and needed to sit.

On seeing the lady when she got into the train, I assumed she’s got a long day and might be exhausted like me. I could have offered my seat but I too was tired.

So this thinking as I said earlier; most people would offer their seats in order to be recognised as a good person ( mind you others will give up their seats regardless not having any ulterior motive).

This doesn’t mean I don’t give up seats.  Contrary to what you might be thinking I actually do especially if there is an elderly person,  a pregnant woman or someone with special needs.  But the point I’m trying to make here is, we often do things in other to get recognition. I’ve heard of stories where a man would offer help to someone else at the detriment of his family.

A religious person reading this might say ‘but the holy book says…’ I am not contradicting what the Bible or Quran says but I feel everyone should be wise in their dealings. The holy book never said ‘give your neighbour and starve your family’ .

So friends don’t feel pressured to help someone if it’s beyond your capacity however if you’ve got the means or strength to help someone please; by all means go all the way out. If you are however limited in any way don’t put yourself under immense pressure or worry and concern yourself with what the next person will think about you.

Till next time Smile, Love your God, Love your Neighbour and be a Blessing.

Enjoying My Season


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wonder why things do not happen as you envisioned or if like me you believe in a God but you wonder why he takes his time especially after praying, working hard and trusting him. Basically, after doing what the holy book instructs you to do?

Let me give you an example. I trusted God to pass a test In march. I so wanted to get that test sorted and out of the way. I worked really hard. I had prepared for it and prayed about it  and I did have faith I’d come correct. Only for me to get the result saying I didn’t make it.

You can imagine how I felt, so devastated.  I cried.

Even though I felt really bad, I tried praying but didn’t know what exactly to say to God. Few months went by I still felt hurt and betrayed by him.

Fast forward: I was reflecting this week and it dawned on me that I’ve got to enjoy this season I’m in. I had to challenge myself by asking ‘if I trust God so much so, why question his timing?’.

I made a concrete decision to enjoy the each season I find myself and stop trying to control God’s timing for my life. It doesn’t mean I’ve completely forgotten about the fact I didn’t pass the test, no! I remembered but I’m grateful God has a better plan for my life and my willingness to submit to his timing will help me appreciate where I am at the moment, that way when I eventually scale through the test I can truly be thankful.

Having said that, I’ve made a decision to find JOY in Christ regardless of what season I find myself.


Greater is Coming

I was studying my bible and a thought dropped in my heart. I was thinking to myself “in the bible it says and I quote “…ask and it shall be given,seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open..”. That means if I for I instance ask for God to bless with a job I really desire and I get called for the interview but wasn’t offered the job does that make the bible verse Matthew 7:7 impotent?”.

This got me thinking and i said to myself- if after praying for a job or a promotion or something that I greatly desired and it doesn’t come through as a christian, I want to believe God is preparing a better wayfor me or might be shielding me from future pains I can’t see in the present and if that is the case that means, it doesn’t make the word powerless or impotent but ‘could’ mean there is a better position waiting for me or a lesson for me to learn from the situation. That means considering how we feel at that moment I might not grasp but I bet if a better position comes we would look back and see the blessing in the rejection and why we didn’t get what we wanted at the time.

In conclusion as christians, our faith are often questioned when good things don’t come our way as expected rather  while it falls on the feet of unbelievers like a platter of gold don’t get discouraged or flussterred but believe the creator who knows you and called you by name has better in store for you and as Jekalyn Carr said “If it hasn’t been for the shaking, I would have never be ready for the making”. In other words,  your greater is coming if you hang in and don’t throw in the towel.



Let’s Call It a Wrap

I can hardly believe 2015 is over.Looking back, 2015 was a beautiful year for me as an individual and for my family. It was a year filled with extraordinary blessings from above and I couldn’t be more grateful. As a result, I decided to count my blessings 🙂

In 2015, I graduated with a beautiful result and God blessed me with a wonderful job. Aside from that, big sis graduated and got married to her longtime boo. and when we least expected, my little ones were blessed with a job. To me, it was one testimony after another. so yeah that’s 2015 in a nutshell.

Now back to the matter!

I’m glad we all made through to the new year; although some of my needs were not met in 2015 but I came into 2016 hoping for the best and trusting God. As some people say, “where there is life, there is hope” so I’m walking into 2016 trusting it will be a glorious one filled with unending blessings.

I appeal to you to keep trusting and pushing and never losing hope, have a set plan and work towards achieving each and every goal you’ve proposed in your heart.

I wish you the very best in 2016.

Happy New Year!!