Greater is Coming

I was studying my bible and a thought dropped in my heart. I was thinking to myself “in the bible it says and I quote “…ask and it shall be given,seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open..”. That means if I for I instance ask for God to bless with a job I really desire and I get called for the interview but wasn’t offered the job does that make the bible verse Matthew 7:7 impotent?”.

This got me thinking and i said to myself- if after praying for a job or a promotion or something that I greatly desired and it doesn’t come through as a christian, I want to believe God is preparing a better wayfor me or might be shielding me from future pains I can’t see in the present and if that is the case that means, it doesn’t make the word powerless or impotent but ‘could’ mean there is a better position waiting for me or a lesson for me to learn from the situation. That means considering how we feel at that moment I might not grasp but I bet if a better position comes we would look back and see the blessing in the rejection and why we didn’t get what we wanted at the time.

In conclusion as christians, our faith are often questioned when good things don’t come our way as expected rather  while it falls on the feet of unbelievers like a platter of gold don’t get discouraged or flussterred but believe the creator who knows you and called you by name has better in store for you and as Jekalyn Carr said “If it hasn’t been for the shaking, I would have never be ready for the making”. In other words,  your greater is coming if you hang in and don’t throw in the towel.